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The  Style Salad

Lifestyle - Giftboxes

The Style Salad is gift box designers, stylers and curators for all things lifestyle, wedding, baby and corporate. 

We ran the multichannel marketing mix for The Style Salad focusing on converting existing users whilst bringing in new traffic.  Our objective was to achieve a ROAS of 2x, where we achieved a ROAS of 3.6x in a span of two months.



Fashion Accessories - Jewelry

Rubans had been a B2C business for 6 years and their primary mode of operation was offline and through Myntra Marketplace. They sought help from The Bid to focus on their website and convert into a D2C business. We ran a programmatic, social, and search campaign for Rubans and achieved a ROAS of 4X to 6X across the channels. We achieved 6X performance on Retargeting. The Business had refrained from trying retargeting as they perceived retargeting strategy to not work for a brand at the price points. After the 25 days operation retargeting was the best performing tactic.



High End Furniture Retailer

Magari is a high-end furniture retailer and manufacturer in India. They provide customized furniture for luxury apartments. When Magari signed up with us, there were two projects to work on: First was to get quality leads on the Wardrobe category and the Second was to get quality leads on work from home furniture like the table and chairs category.

We received 407 quality leads on Wardrobes and 145 quality leads on WFH furniture. Both had a cost per lead Rs 17.27 to Rs 22.47




Fitzip is a startup started on Mar2020. Their value proposition was to offer online training customized workouts in the presence of a certified trainer. Our objective was to increase website traffic and get quality leads. The project was on for a month. the traffic improved from 80 to 3000 with a limited budget of Rs80 per day. We then ran a lead gen campaign with 355 quality leads in 2 weeks.


Yavanika Furnishing


Yavanika has just launched their brand and while building up their website, they wanted to brand their Instagram page. Starting from 0 we achieved 80 followers in one week's time.