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Your Automated Performance Marketer

What is it?

A tool that manages your campaigns without any need of human intervention.

Who is it for?

  • Entrepreneurs who want to bring traffic to their website, get sales, leads, social media followers. 

  • Businesses who want to run successful marketing campaigns and save costs by not engaging an agency, freelancer, or hire a performance marketer 

Avaialble Ad platforms:

Ads for all these platforms can be set up and launched from one application

  • Google Search

  • Google Display Network

  • YouTube

  • Facebook​

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • Programmatic

How does it work?

Just add your brand website, product/services you want to promote, choose an objective - Sales, Leads, Traffic, Followers -  and a budget.

This tool will FORECAST, PLAN, SETUP, RUN and REPORT your campaign automatically. All you have to do is approve the setup before it is set live.

When is this tool going to be available? The tool is in development and will take 6 months to release the beta version. During the beta version, you can use the tool with a platform fee of Rs 5000 only. To avail access to the beta version, sign up on the form below.


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